Showdown table

Production and development of Showdown tables for blind and partially sighted people.


The structure of the table is made out of solid wood laminated in high resistance laminate.

Showdown table


Base of the table are stable maetal legs, which can be easily remowed and stored.

Showdown base


Goal area is made out of structure resistance foil, which helps the payers positioning the goal.

Showdown edge


Centerboard screen is plexi on metal holders.

Showdown screen


Official dimensions of the table:

Interior length:                      364 cm
Interior width:                       121 cm
Height(Playing deck from floor):      78 cm
Sidewall:                             14 cm
Corners (interior radius):            23 cm
Goal pocket (semi-circle):            30 cm diameter
Rectangular vertical hole:            30 x 9-10 cm (in endwall)
Tactile boundary line for goal area:  40 cm diameter
Contact board:                        5 cm overhang, and no extension
                                      back outside of the table.
Centreboard screen:                   46 cm from deck top


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